ACIDD Maryland

A Social and Collaborative Enterprise Model

ACIDD Maryland is a business whose primary purpose is the common good. It is, therefore, a social enterprise that works in collaboration with other enterprises. It uses the methods and disciplines of business and the power of market place to advance our social, and human justice agenda. We are in promoting mental health of all people who have mental illness. However, we specialize on individuals who have the dual diagnosis of Intellectual Disability (ID) and co-occurring Mental Illness. Recognized for our dedicated leadership, quality services, and vision, ACIDD Maryland strives to promote independence, choice, growth and community integration of individuals that have ‘the other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual or Developmental Disability and co-occurring Mental Illness through an Integrated care approach. Our leadership has had experience in the past for their efforts to educate the community at large by recognizing the rights of persons with disabilities to live and work in their communities. Despite these efforts, however, the deinstitutionalization of individuals with intellectual or developmental disability with co-occurring mental illness in many states, including the State of Maryland, have generated inconclusive debates at the national, state and local levels about the success of community integration.

These conversations have pointed to a continued need for qualitative and creative recovery services to people with severe and persistent mental disorders such as schizophrenia, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, bi-polar disorders and other related disorders. We question the process of community placement of people with intellectual or developmental disability from institutions without them being provided with needed mental health services for wellness.

Further, we envision a change in deinstitutionalization process for those with complex mental health treatment. We wonder if the initial phase of deinstitutionalization of people with intellectual or developmental disability by moving them from government institutions to community homes has now created another semi-institutional structure for them in the community, thus creating a vicious circle! They have been often the last individuals to leave institutions and will be the first to return. It is radical thinking but that seems to be the truth. It can be challenged by professionals and ideologists and ACIDD Maryland will be ready for a debate.

ACIDD Maryland offers integrated behavioral health care to people with severe mental illness and Intellectual Disability. We offer our support services to people with severe mental illness and those with a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and mental illness towards their recovery. Programs include Residential care, Vocational, and Supported Employment services, holistic psychiatric services with alternative medicine such as acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, day spa etc. and Psychiatric Rehabilitation program, mental health vocational program, and various somatic services. Such supports strengthen our holistic psychiatry. We adopt an integrated bio-psycho-social approach in the collaborative care model to providing services to people with severe mental illness and those with co-occurring intellectual disability and mental illness (people with “the other dual diagnosis”).
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