CARF Accreditation

ACIDD Maryland is CARF accredited!!

American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. The leadership team and staff are complimented and congratulated for this achievement.

Dear Dr. Mathew:

It is my pleasure to inform you that American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. has been issued CARF accreditation based on its recent survey. The Three-Year Accreditation (Expiration: April 30, 2021) applies to the following program(s)/service(s):

Community Integration: Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PRP-Adults); Outpatient Treatment (OMHC); Community Employment Services: Employment Supports; Community Employment Services: Job Development; Community Housing; Community Integration; Employee Development Services; Employment Planning Services; Personal Supports Services; Supported Living; Self-Employment Services.

This accreditation will extend through April 30, 2021. This achievement is an indication of your organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served. Services, personnel, and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of conformance to standards.

Your organization should take pride in achieving this high level of accreditation. CARF will recognize this accomplishment in its listing of organizations with accreditation and encourages your organization to make its accreditation known throughout the community.

CARF encourages your organization to continue fully and productively using the CARF standards as part of its ongoing commitment to accreditation. CARF commends your organization’s commitment and consistent efforts to improve the quality of its program(s)/service(s) and looks forward to working with your organization in its ongoing pursuit of excellence.


Brian J. Boon, Ph.D.                                                                                                                      President/CEO

CARF Accreditation Report: 

Accreditation Decision

“On balance, American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. demonstrated substantial conformance to the standards. American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. (ACIDD Maryland) provides support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health issues. This service niche for individuals with dual diagnoses benefits from its commitment to such individualized services. The persons served are benefiting greatly from the programming provided. Strong leadership and caring, dedicated staff members and teamwork are evident throughout the organization. The organization is urged to address the opportunities for improvement noted in the recommendations in this report, including the areas in health and safety, human resources, rights of persons served, program/service structure, and screening and access to services. The organization’s leadership and staff members have the capability and willingness to make improvements in the areas identified.

American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. appears likely to maintain and/or improve its current method of operation and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing quality improvement. American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. is required to submit a post-survey Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to CARF that addresses all recommendations identified in this report.

Areas of Strength

CARF found that American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc. demonstrated the following strengths:

  • ACIDD Maryland has a program philosophy that is focused on serving individuals with dual diagnoses, typically difficult to serve, and based on future independence. This philosophy encourages individuals served to set goals for the day when they will no longer need services from ACIDD
  • ACIDD Maryland is adept at encouraging the persons served to be active in their community. One person served has a personal goal of riding a million miles on his bike and taking care of the environment by picking up litter and keeping the streets clean. These choices are celebrated, and all levels of the organization are aware of his personal goals and encouraging of his progress.
  • The staff of ACIDD Maryland has obvious enthusiasm for the services it provides and, most important, for the persons it serves. This dedication was acknowledged by a funding source, who said that “ACIDD is always a resource that Howard County Care Network considers when looking for resources in the community “
  • ACIDD Maryland employs warm, competent, and respectful staff members to provide services to the individuals. During this survey, staff members were observed displaying compassion, patience, enthusiasm, and pride in the supports they provide.
  • Staff members appear to be qualified and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons served. The positive attitude of the staff appears to promote teamwork and dedication to service delivery. There appears to be excellent rapport between the staff members and persons served.
  • ACIDD Maryland is acknowledged for the individual-first attitude that it displays throughout the organization. The persons served express that they feel safe and respected. Promoting the desires and needs of persons served is an evident priority throughout the organization. One of the persons served, when asked about ACIDD Maryland, stated, “I love the staff”
  • The organization is commended for caring for persons who are difficult to serve. It is known that the organization’s leadership believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to live life abundantly. There is no fear of the individual’s behaviors or history, and the organization enthusiastically embraces each new person served. The opportunity to enhance life is provided through social and community activities.
  • The homes in the community housing program are practical, safe, and appreciated by the persons served. The atmosphere in the homes reflects warmth and coziness. The residents are given total choice within their environments, and this is evidenced by the personalization in each room within the homes.
  • Staff members demonstrate dedication, respect, and professionalism. They are described as being diverse, supportive, and effective. Staff members extend themselves beyond assigned responsibilities and are always available to persons served and partners. The staff members believe in the organization’s mission, and the organization is truly individual driven.
  • There is evidence of teamwork and cooperation throughout the organization. The organization balances a welcoming, supportive operation with attention to positive outcomes for the persons served.
  • The organization is led by a compassionate and driven chief executive officer and extremely talented and dedicated management team, who keep the mission and vision on the forefront of the organization to ensure that they are able to make a mark in the lives of the persons served and their families that can never be erased.

A Complete Report of Accreditation for ACIDD Maryland is available upon request to or write to ACIDD, 300 Thomas Drive, Laurel, MD 20707.